Character Profile: Gemma Heywood

 Name: Gemma Heywood

Nickname: Gem

Birthday: September 6

Born in: Little Falls, Minnesota

Lives in: College Dorm

Physical Appearance: Gemma has long dark brown hair that she most often wears in a messy ponytail. Tiny freckles dust her cheeks and she wears contacts in her toffee brown eyes. She has long limbs, and is only now getting used to them instead of moving around like an awkward fawn. She has a collection of lipgloss that she uses to slather her plump lips when she isn't biting them.

Height: 5 foot 6

Hair Color/ style: Very dark brown. Very long.

Eye Color: Toffee brown

Family: Mother, Father, Little sister

Hobbies: Writing, journaling, buying notebooks

Favorite Movie/ TV Show: Dr. Who

Favorite Song: Mushaboom by Feist

Gemma is a secret geek. Her high school days were spent communing with other people like her on the Internet, but she's reinvented herself during college. At her elite university, it's okay to be smart, but she puts on an aura of coolness. She's actually very sweet and kind, but Gemma keeps most people at arms length so that they don't discover who she really is.