Character Profile: Lucas Grimshaw

Name: Lucas Grimshaw

Nickname: Luke

Birthday: March 23

Born in: New York, NY

Lives in: Bachelor Pad

Physical Appearance: Luke surprises people. He's not exactly what everyone thinks a former tech wunderkind should look like. Instead of coke bottle glasses and Urkel-like fashion sense, he looks like any other 23 year old guy. Okay, he looks better. Luke has his share of distinctive European features from his French mother and ruggedness from his American father. He's tall, fit, and his wavy black hair has a habit of flopping into his green eyes.

Height: 6 foot 5

Hair Color/ style: Wavy Black, medium length

Eye Color: Bright green

Family: Mother, Father, large extended family

Hobbies: Building desktops (donates them to children in need), home-brewing beer (unsuccessfully)

Favorite Movie/ Show: The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy

Favorite Song: Technologic by Daft Punk

It's hard becoming a self made billionaire in high-school. Luke's been obsessed with all things technological for as long as he can remember. He grew up with wealth, but things went to a different level when his personal social networking project hit the big leagues. 

While other guys were just starting puberty and discovering girls, Luke was running a company. Since then Luke hasn't been very interested in romance. He's a workaholic and thinks that most women are just out to get his money.

Luke is a guy's guy. He's funny, athletic, and enjoys a good beer. But he has the sneaking feeling that something is missing from his bachelor pad.